Monday, March 7, 2011

The Tease

Most of us woke up this morning, we looked out the window took a long look and let out a huge sigh!  We were right there with you doing the same thing.

We got at least a foot of snow if not more out here. The weight of the snow on the greenhouse is scary. It is starting to bend it a little. My van was completely covered in snow besides a little area where the handles are. Eric was plowing at 5 am so he could go to work at Cardinal Cafe in Newark Valley. It is only 10 minutes away if that. But getting out and getting there was a pain. Then he trekked through the snow doing chores.

So much for thinking spring is on the way. March is so deceiving and annoying. The first day of spring is March 20th. So when March 1st hits we all get excited, anxious and ready to begin our seasons. The weather starts to show signs of getting warm and snow letting up. Last week with all that rain we were crossing our fingers, thinking, hoping and praying that it was over. Then this happens. Then we just get agitated and annoyed!

We still can go in the greenhouse and pretend that it is warm. When the sun shines, it is 60-70 degrees in there. People ask where we went on vacation when we start markets and we tell them "The Greenhouse." Yes we get a lot of strange looks, but we definitely get tan early.

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