Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Magic

Last weekend we participated in Holiday Magic in Newark Valley NY.

This is the same town that we started the farmers market in this year. It is also the same town that my Brother- in-law owns a cafe.

Last year we participated in Holiday Magic by setting up in front of Cardinal Cafe (brother-in-laws cafe) with our homemade wreaths, fruit butters, herbs and teas. So when we talked about setting up for Holiday Magic this year we were so grateful that he allowed us to set up there again.

You know those movies on tv that you watch that have Christmas in a small town and they have a big festival or holiday event. That's what this is for Newark Valley, Berkshire, Richford and the surrounding communities. Santa comes to see the kids. There are crafts, music, games and other events going on. They also do a Silent Auction of wreaths made by local community members with the money supporting one of the local organizations.

This year I was asked to decorate a wreath for this event. We weren't sure what to do. The wreath had to have a theme. After pondering and waiting until the last minute I finally decided to do an "Herbal Christmas!" Sticking with something from our farm but also making it beautiful.

Of course I forgot to take a picture, but the wreath consisted of some of our herbal teas, dried herb shakers as well as fresh and dried herb bouquets.  I grouped some fresh rosemary, fresh mint, dried goldenrod and dried lavender together into bunches and placed them around the wreath and then attached our herbal teas and shakers to it.

I will have to say it looked awesome. I normally second guess my work until someone else outside of the family compliments it. But this was gorgeous. It was definitely something that I would have hung  in my home.

It was also great to see all the families in the community having a great time. Santa arrived by horse and sleigh at the Village Green. The kids were able to go and sit on Santa's lap. Of course Eric Jr sat on Santa's lap and when Santa asked his name he gave him his whole name including middle and last. Too cute. Santa then asked him what he wanted for Christmas and the first thing that came out of his mouth was "New Tinkerbell movie." Huh? Then he proceeded to say that he wanted play-doh.When Santa asked him what he was going to make with the play-doh he responded, "Doh!"  Then it was Julianna's turn. She sat on Santa's lap and proceeded to tell him that she wanted Mickey Mouse!

Needless to say Santa did not do a very good job this year! Hahaha! These things were not even mentioned to Mommy and Daddy!

We sold quite a bit and enjoyed the company of our community. It was great to see everyone and to enjoy each other while celebrating a great community holiday! We will be back there again next year hopefully and we hope to see you there. If you have never come to Holiday Magic make sure you do! Also make sure you come to Cardinal Cafe grab a nice hot drink or food,  pick up your fruit butter, herb, wreath and then go enjoy the rest of the time!

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