Sunday, August 5, 2012

Butter Up

We have been continuously stock piling  or should I say trying to stock pile the fruit butters so that we could have a large supply ready to go.

Well with market going as well as they are and with the wholesale accounts picking up butters have been dwindling.  Not such a bad thing.

But this week will be "Butter up" week. I will be making fruit butters until I am blue in the face. I still have a few orders to fill so that will be my first priority.

For those of you that came to market for our usual apple and blueberry apple butters sorry we didn't have them this week. We will have then this coming Saturday and Sunday!

We are finally starting to get our specialty varieties going.

Our newest varieties are:

Peach butter
Sugar Free Peach Butter
Black Raspberry Butter
Sugar Free Black Raspberry Butter
Cantaloupe Butter
Sugar Free Cantaloupe Butter

We will soon have

Plum Butter - made with Beach plums
Pumpkin Butter
Green Tomato Butter
And our Pear butter that everyone loves will be following closely behind. We are waiting for Pears to come back into season again.

We have a few more concoctions up our sleeves that we are going to try out but we will see how things go.

The kitchen is moving along again. All the electrical is hooked up and waiting for NYSEG to hook us up. Insulation and sheet rock installation will begin this week.

I cannot wait for this kitchen to get done. It would have helped out tremendously this week if I we were in there.

I once again am going to apologize about not writing on here as much. I am having an extremely bad writers block and I am trying to think of things to write up. For some odd reason my brain is so discombobulated that I cannot think of things to write.

So here is to me hoping I can think of a few more things to write about in the next couple days/weeks.

Thanks for being loyal fans of the blog. I know a few of you had contacted me to make sure that we are still doing ok. We are here we are doing wonderful just extremely busy!

I have a few posts in mind for the next few days so I will update you on all the happenings on the farm. Stay tuned, check back and we will hopefully get rolling again with this blog and I won't keep you out of the loop!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and we can't wait to get rolling more!

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