Monday, June 4, 2012

Project Expansion- Kitchen

As you all know our fruit butters have taken off. When we first started making them it was on a whim and we never expected it to be this great!

Our orders and expansion needs have risen to a point where it is not something we can produce as fast as we need out of our home kitchen.

After long thought, deliberation and financial figuring, we chose to take the "leap" and build a certified/commercial kitchen on our farm.  This is a HUGE commitment and long process, but I think we are all ready for it!

The well has already been drilled. The equipment was dropped off and work has started on leveling and filling in where we need more fill.

We tore down the old shed that was right next to our farm stand last year thinking we were originally going to put it there. But after careful consideration and going back and fort we decided it would be better to move it down the road further. Where the old shed is we will continue our plans of an all local farm store and pavillion to put our plants under. That obviously will be worked on a little here and there but the kitchen comes first!

My hopes are that the kitchen will be finished sometime in July. Now realistically I don't know if that will  be possible or not but my fingers are crossed super tight.

We have huge plans including some NEW products that include our herbs. We will be doing so much more than fruit butters and we are so ready for this great new expansion.

This year seems like the year of new additions. We continuously keep adding new items and projects to our farm. This is our first year of doing the CSA. First year of starting the Newark Valley Farmers Market. And now a HUGE first of expanding our kitchen capacity and building.

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