Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sounds of Spring

This morning as I went for my morning walk, I was so excited and relieved. While walking down the road the silence helps to calm me. I think of nothing but the silence in my head and how quiet it is. As you all know a house with a 2 yr old, 3 yr old and 2 dogs is anything but quiet. So I cherish every moment on my walk.

However, this morning was different. As I'm walking down the road proud of myself for staying motivated in walking and getting healthier I took a moment to stop and listen to the sounds. The noises excited me.

The birds were chirpping, the sun was shining just a little and I saw a couple little squirrels scurrying around under the trees. Then the sound of the creeks was the most soothing. There is no other noise in the world that I enjoy more than the sound of the creek with birds chirping all around. The peacefulness is just so unreal.

It is the sound of a new season, a new beginning, new ideas, births, friends, parties and fun in the sun. For us this is the portal to our busy season.

This is one reason I love living where we do. It is so serene. It makes it hard to get business out here because we are so far off the beaten path, but there is nothing better than enjoying the beauty out here!

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